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Consulting Project ManagementOur specialty is project management. Our approach is to Build Project Managers™ and to get things done. To achieve these objectives, while providing affordable consulting services to our clients, we developed a methodology PMOHOST™ (Rent a Project Manager).


Rent a Project Manager is a project management consulting service, which main objectives are:

  • Deploy the PM methodology,
  • Kick off and manage your projects/portflio,
  • Mentor your project managers.

We developed this approach based on the fact that you do not need full time project managers all the time. You need full-time experts (team members) working on your project (execution phase). The concept is based on the PM project life cycle model, which follows a project manager's work through initiation, planning, monitoring, and closing phases. Execution is a team effort, supported by the monitoring function of a project manager.

How Does It Work?
Most of a project manager's time is spent in the planning phase and monitoring phase of your project. Your experts (team members) do the work and meet with a project manager to report the status of the project. Project manager processes the data and reports the progress of the project to upper management. This approach allows project progress in increments, creating a fast-paced work environment, which brings better communication, less risk and less errors in your project outputs.

How Much Do you Save?
Our PMOHOST™ (Rent-a-Project Manager) solution is a combination of 20% on-site project management consulting services, usually around 40 hours of work per month and up to 80% virtual project management consulting services, usually around 20 or more hours of work per month. Thus, instead of paying a project manager for 160 hours of total time he/she spends at your location (actual work + downtime), you should only pay between 60 to 80 hours of his/her actual work. In other words, you use Rent a Project Manager to plan, host, manage, maintain, and troubleshoot your projects/portfolio, onsite and offsite. You pay only for the time we work on your project, and you determine how many hours of work you need from us. You save by not paying for the project manager's downtime.

By outsourcing your project to eConsulting Group, Inc. , you will:

  • Cut the overhead costs and increase efficiency and ROI.
  • Keep Focus on your core products and services.
  • Obtain world class expertise.

In addition to our Rent a Project Manager service, we offer a Project Management Assessments service - the "Enterprise Project Management Workflow and Analysis©" as well. This service will help you assess your existing PM practices, and develop and deploy project management best practices that will fit your organization' project management needs.

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The assessment services include following steps:

  • Auditing: Observation of your existing project management methodologies and practices.
  • Assessment: Evaluation of your organization's maturity level through a number of surveys.
  • Alignment: Develop alternatives/solutions that would align your strategic, tactical, and operational goals.
  • Action: There are many ways to do something, but we will find the right way that fits only your organization and project environment. Once we determine the best solution for your needs, we will assist you in deploying and implementing it.
  • Advance: At the end, we recommend that you continuously monitor and improve your operation.

eConsulting Group™ has more than fifteen years of experience in development and deployment of management solutions within the following industries:

  • Information Technology,
  • Engineering,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Marketing,
  • Health Care Systems,
  • Telecommunications,
  • Mining,
  • Construction,
  • Waste Management, and others.

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about our work and expertise.

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