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AGE1001 - AGILE EXPERT™ - Tools and Techniques (GI Bill & WIOA)

AGE1001 - AGILE EXPERT™ - Tools and Techniques (GI Bill & WIOA)

Duration: 3 days
Price: $1,849.00
24 PDUs (2.4 CEUs)

Price Includes: 3 day training, text material, the PMI membership fee, and the  exam fee. Group discounts available.


Associate degree, or global equivalent, plus 1-3 years of information and management systems experience.


The Agile Expert® training from eConsulting-Group™ is based on real-world, hands-on experience of what works (and doesn't work) in applying Agile practices to achieve these gains. Many of these practices and the underlying principles belong to the class called Lean Development (which is nearly synonymous with Agile Software Development), which has roots in Lean Production, Lean Six Sigma, and Scaled Agile. Lean-Six Sigma and Scaled Agile are additional frameworks that are presented within this course. These connections suggest that the Agile principles and practices are applicable beyond software development to other industries, government, military, including general management as well.

Agile Expert® - Tools and TechniquesCost: $1,849.00Duration: 1 day / Total Hours: 8
Course IDCore CoursesHoursCourse IDElective CoursesHours
AGE1001 Agile Expert® - Tools and Techniques 24 - - -
- - - Other Electives Courses, as approved by the school.
Total hours24Total Elective Hours Required-
 Learning Objectives

1. Introduction to Agile Project Management
2. Project Life Cycle
3. Feasibility Analysis
4. Introduction to Agile
5. Command & Control vs. Agile
6. Factory model
7. The functioning of canon
8. The functioning of missile
9. Pillars of Kanban
10. Big Picture
11. Process
12. Concepts behind Kanban
13. Kanban Rules
14. Metrics
15. Flow Diagram
16. + technical practices
17. Team work
18. Shared responsibility
19. Self-organization
20. Interdisciplinary
21. Benefit the "right" team work
22. Kanban Board
23. How to visualize process?
24. How to create Kanban Board?
25. What are and how to introduce WIP limits?
26. What are and how to introduce Classes of Service?
27. Customer Engagement
28. The most common waste
29. Value Stream
30. Waste
31. Value Stream Mapping
32. Waste analysis
33. Main concepts behind Kaizen (MUDA / MURI / MURA)
34. Bottlenecks analysis
35. Five Focusing Steps
36. Value analysis and prioritization
37. Voice of the Customer (VOC)
38. Kano Model
39. Functionality Analysis
40. Value Analysis
41. Prioritization

Who Should Attend

Office managers, project managers, product managers, scrum masters, agile mentors, agile coaches, functional managers, team leads, team members, engineers, etc.

Method of Delivery
  • Onsite/Live class instructions or Online web seminar
  • Lectures
  • Open discussion
  • Case studies
  • Surveys

At the end of the program, successful students will obtain following certificate of completion::

  • Agile Expert®
  • Scrum Master

To receive a certificate of completion for the eConsulting Group's training course, students must obtain the score above 60%

The final score is obtained through:

Regular Class Attendance:
Students cannot miss more than 15% of their class attendance. Class attendance will be taken daily and will be forwarded to the administrative department. The administrative office will verify the students’ attendance and progress, they will notify, counsel, and document the deficiencies. If a student has missed 10% of class, he/she will be notified, documented, and place on a warning status pending probationary status to include termination from the course.

Class Participation:
- Class exercise (30% of their grade),
- Homework (30% of their grade),
- Final project (60% of their grade). Final project due date is ten (10) days after completion of the course.

For additional information, please see our “Policies and Procedures” document.

Cost Breakdown
Registration Fee $ 100.00
Tuition $ 999.00
Books $ 200.00
Tests $ 550.00
Equipment N/A
Total Cost$ 1,849.00

This program is approved by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and US Dept of Veteran Affairs GI Bill, and is also available as an Online Course.

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