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SCE3E002 - Scrum Master (Online/Self-Study Course)

Duration: Self-Paced Online Learning
Price: $ 199.00
16 PDUs (1.6 CEUs)


Scrum Master Course is designed for agile, project management (PM), Scrum Master Professionals, functional managers, account managers, program and operations managers, coordinators, team leaders, engineers, and students. It provides materials for managers at all levels; from those who want to begin using scrum practices to those eager to refine their managerial skills. For project manager professionals this course will serve as a reference guide that will support their everyday activities. This course covers the practical and theoretical aspects of the Scrum. It provides actual examples; tested techniques, tools, and methodologies; and raises and answers many frequently asked questions, such as: Scrum Master, Product Owner, The Team, Impact on Traditional Roles, Scrum Meetings, Scrum Artefacts, Scaling Scrum.

Learning Objectives

• Scrum Master
• Product Owner
• The Team
• Impact on Traditional Roles
• Scrum Meetings
• Scrum Artefacts
• Scaling Scrum

Course includes:

• Online Training (Video Lessons)
• Course-related Material (PDF book)
• Final Test (Case Study)
• Certificate


  • L01-Introduction 01-Why Agile Part1 Duration: 4:31
  • L01-Introduction 01-Why Agile Part2 Duration: 3:57
  • L01-Introduction 01-Why Agile Part3 Duration: 4:50
  • L01-Introduction 01-Why Agile Part4 Duration: 3:56
  • L01-Introduction 02-System Development Life Cycles Part1 Duration: 4:08
  • L01-Introduction 02-System Development Life Cycles Part2 Duration: 3:04
  • L01-Introduction 02-System Development Life Cycles Part3 Duration: 4:21
  • L02-Feasibility Analysis 01-Feasibility Analysis and Payback Duration: 4:48
  • L02-Feasibility Analysis 02-Net Present Value and Return On Investment Duration: 4:19
  • L02-Feasibility Analysis 03-Internal Rate of Return Duration: 2:40
  • L03-Prioritization and Value Analysis 01-Voice of the Customer VoC Duration: 3:30
  • L03-Prioritization and alue Analysis 02-Voice of the Customer VoC and Cost to Serve Duration: 3:35
  • L03-Prioritization and Value Analysis 03 KANO Model and Value Analysis Duration: 4:42
  • L03-Prioritization and Value Analysis 04-Prioritization Duration: 2:37
  • L04-SCRUM 01-What is SCRUM Part1 Duration: 4:23
  • L04-SCRUM 01-What is SCRUM Part2. Duration: 4:25
  • L04-SCRUM 02-SCRUM Master Duration: 3:41
  • L04-SCRUM 03-Skill Development Part1 Duration: 3:02
  • L04-SCRUM 03-Skill Development Part2 Duration: 2:50
  • L04-SCRUM 04-Characteristics of a SCRUM and Why SCRUM Part1 Duration: 3:29
  • L04-SCRUM 04-Characteristics of a SCRUM and Why SCRUM Part2 Duration: 2:48
  • L04-SCRUM 05-Empirical Management Model SCRUM-SDLC-SCRUM Planning Sprint and Release Duration: 5:18
  • L04-SCRUM 06-Requirements Functions User Stories Tasks Duration: 1:56
  • L04-SCRUM 07-Sprint Planning Part1 Duration: 2:17
  • L04-SCRUM 07-Sprint Planning Part2 Duration: 3:04
  • L04-SCRUM 08-Sprint Definition Duration: 4:11
  • L04-SCRUM 09-Major Components Duration: 3:15
  • L04-SCRUM 10-Idea to Output and Product Backlog Duration: 3:34
  • L04-SCRUM 11-User Stories Part1 Duration: 3:38
  • L04-SCRUM 11-User Stories Part2 Duration: 5:15
  • L04-SCRUM 11-User Stories Part3 Duration: 2:35
  • L04-SCRUM 11-User Stories Part4 Duration: 3:47
  • L04-SCRUM 12-Planning Poker Duration: 3:22
  • L04-SCRUM 13-Collaboration Games Duration: 4:49
  • L04-SCRUM 14-Story Mapping Part1 Duration: 2:17
  • L04-SCRUM 14-Story Mapping Part2 Duration: 3:18
  • L04-SCRUM 15-Burn Down Chart Part1 Duration: 2:56
  • L04-SCRUM 15-Burn Down Chart Part2 Duration: 4:15
  • L04-SCRUM 16-Reporting and Retrospective Duration: 2:14
  • L04-SCRUM 17-Daily SCRUM Meeting Part1 Duration: 4:05
  • L04-SCRUM 17-Daily SCRUM Meeting Part2 Duration: 3:08
  • L04-SCRUM 17-Daily SCRUM Meeting Part3 Duration: 3:38
  • L04-SCRUM 18-Sprint Review Meeting Part1 Duration: 4:02
  • L04-SCRUM 18-Sprint Review Meeting Part2 Duration: 3:03
  • L04-SCRUM 19-Sprint Retrospective Duration: 4:25
  • L04-SCRUM 20-Continuous Improvement and Process Tailoring Duration: 1:56
  • L04-SCRUM 21-Sprint Termination Duration: 3:11
  • L04-SCRUM 22-Terms to Remember. Duration: 2:57
  • L05-Agile Management 01-Agile vs Scrum Why Agile Duration: 3:32
  • L05-Agile Management 02-Declaration of Interdependence and Agile Dark Side Duration: 3:02
  • L05-Agile Management 03-Agile Triangle Duration: 2:47
  • L05-Agile Management 04-Agile Concepts and Project Life Cycle Duration: 3:56
  • L05-Agile Management 05-Agile Planning Structure Duration: 2:00
  • L05-Agile Management 06-Agile LifeCycle Envision Phase Part1 Duration: 4:42
  • L05-Agile Management 06-Agile LifeCycle Envision Phase Part2 Duration: 3:55
  • L05-Agile Management 07-Speculate Phase Part1 Duration: 3:26
  • L05-Agile Management 07-Speculate Phase Part2 Duration: 3:29
  • L05-Agile Management 07-Speculate Phase Part3 Duration: 4:08
  • L05-Agile Management 07-Speculate Phase Part4 Duration: 2:43
  • L05-Agile Management 07-Speculate Phase Part5 Duration: 1:50
  • L05-Agile Management 08-Explore Phase Part1 Duration: 4:51
  • L05-Agile Management 08-Explore Phase Part2 Duration: 3:31
  • L05-Agile Management 09-Adaptation Phase Part1 Duration: 4:02
  • L05-Agile Management 09-Adaptation Phase Part2 Duration: 4:48
  • L05-Agile Management 09-Adaptation Phase Part3 Duration: 4:20
  • L05-Agile Management 09-Adaptation Phase Part4 Duration: 4:06
  • L05-Agile Management 09-Adaptation Phase Part5 Duration: 1:52
  • L05-Agile Management 09-Adaptation Phase Part6 Duration: 3:25
  • L05-Agile Management 10-Final Product and Close Phase Duration: 2:35
  • L05-Agile Management 11-Measuring the Project Progress Part1 Duration: 4:08
  • L05-Agile Management 11-Measuring the Project Progress Part2 Duration: 2:28
  • L05-Agile Management 11-Measuring the Project Progress Part3 Duration: 2:17
  • L05-Agile Management 11-Measuring the Project Progress Part4 Duration: 3:51

Meet Our Teacher

Mike Z. Marco

Mike Z. Marco

Agile Project Management

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