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Leadership and Communication Instructor



Project ID:  150-18 Project Title:

Leader and Communication training

Deadline to Submit Your Resume:  01.18.2018
Status: Active Type: Contract Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Project Description:

Training courses are required to develop competencies for employees to provide career progression and readiness to continue to support program objectives. This support ranges in scope from communicating and coordinating with internal and external personnel, effectively working as part of a team or individually. Preparing documentation such as point papers, instructions, standard operating procedures (SOPs), correspondence, and business case analyses; generating briefs to apprise leadership and managers on key topics of interest; and organizing and tracking assigned project workload effectively. These skill sets are critical in optimizing productive hours in the current resource constrained environment to effectively meet goals and better utilize resources while improving efficiency.

To develop foundational and technical competencies needed to provide program support in the areas of program management, leadership, strategic management, conflict management, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Course Title: Communication Skills, 1 Day Course, 8 hours, 8am – 4pm
Course Description: Discuss methods to improve communication. Learn about communication styles and how to interact with other people with different communication styles. Apply a variety of communication techniques and learn to adjust your style to meet the needs of a variety of audiences. Apply techniques for communicating positively, professionally, and assertively in any situation. Learn what happens when the conversation goes wrong. Discuss the importance of nonverbal communication to include body language, gestures, eye contact, touch, space, and tone. Learn about the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behavior and how to handle negative feelings. Improve questioning and apply techniques to ensure your listeners understand what you mean and reduce misunderstandings. Become a more effective listener by learning how to be an active listener. Briefly discuss tools to become a good negotiator and learn the skills needed to create a win-win. Briefly discuss how to get the most from brainstorming sessions and conducting effective meeting and briefings to avoid wasting time.

Course Title: Conflict Management Resolution, 1 Day Course, 8 hours, 8am – 4pm
Course Description: Define and identify workplace conflict. Recognize attitudes and behaviors that are likely to create conflict. Explore effective negotiation and mediation skills. Review, discuss, and evaluate third-party theories. Identify key relationship building techniques. Learn to build trust and credibility with colleagues and team members. Demonstrate effective communication techniques for addressing a variety of conflict situations. Implement appropriate strategies for managing and resolving different kinds of conflict. Apply best practices to conflict management. Gain confidence in holding difficult conversations calmly and assertively. Manage conflict situations proactively. Identify your individual conflict management style. Discover the dynamics of group development. Recognize and benefit from individual differences in your staff and co-workers. Leverage potential conflict situations as opportunities for critical conversations that enhance work relationships. Create an atmosphere that promotes cooperation among your staff and co-workers. Increase personal effectiveness in managing conflict.

Course Title: Communicating Strategically, 1 Day Course, 8 hours, 8am – 4pm
Course Description: Learn how to communicate more effectively with others by applying targeted strategic-thinking practices, which include thinking conceptually, imaginatively, systematically, and opportunistically in light of current and future circumstances. Learn how to think through the context in which a strategically focused message is shared, practices that can be used to influence others through a variety of communication channels, and skills to look beyond what is evident. By exploring the desired outcome, audience, channel, and design of a communication, the audience will be able to design and deliver effective strategically focused messages that are applicable to their own workplace situations.

Course Title: Interpersonal Communication Skills, 1 Day Course, 8 hours, 8am – 4pm
Course Description: Learn techniques to work more productively and improve everyday interaction with others. Conflict resolution strategies and negotiation techniques and tips for tact and diplomacy. Discover how to adjust your conversational style to meet the needs of others, understand why you respond in a particular way to conflict, listen more effectively, work through or prevent conflict by avoiding destructive statements or actions, recognize and use appropriate behavior to work harmoniously and productively, and select the best option for negotiating.


Number of Students: up to 20 students per session.
If you are interested please send us your resume and hourly rate.
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Requirements and skills: USA Citizen, 5 years of experience, Bachelor's Degree, etc.
Project duration:  / Period of performance: TBD Location: California
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Connect via: LinkedIn Group


Feel free to contact us by phone at 312.804.9992 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire about this or any other job openings.

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